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Is Your Blog "Hot"?

Is Your Blog “Hot”?

If your Point2 Blog is more “not” than “hot,” it’s time to…

Spice. It. Up!

We’re raising the bar with our brand new Point2 WordPress Blog- all to help you create the red-hot results you’re looking for. We specialize in all things Point2, so if you have the moxie, we have the moves to spice things up. We can show you how to use your Point2 WordPress blog to make your site sell!

Three Sexy Moves to Make your Site Sell

1) Spin a Tale

Stories are sexy. Remember sitting in a circle hanging onto every little detail: an innocent red-hooded girl, a walk through the woods and a big, bad wolf? Everybody loves a great story, and you have a great story to tell. Your clients want to know the details, and our new Point2 WordPress Blog is a great place to give them exactly that.


Prospects want your details (and your listings) to come alive. Don’t tell them there are homes for sale on Beautious Boulevard; tease them with the story of the homes on Beautious Boulevard. Show them life on Beautious Boulevard - what it looks and feels like– with all the advantages and adventures. It’s the surest way to increase sales!


Buyers want to know how Beautious Boulevard can redefine their story. Using your Point2 Blog to help prospects create a brand new story of their own is not only sexy, it’s why you do what you do!

2) Keep it Short and Sweet

It’s all about allure, and concise copy is enticing. Make sure your Point2 blog posts are short, sweet and readable:

  • Snappy headlines
  • Targeted subheads
  • Creatively concise copy


These days everyone’s a bit distracted. We jump on a site where we skim, scan and quickly move on. Learn to indulge potential clients by adjusting your copy to their frenzied reading habits. Captivate them. Pull them in and keep them reading:

  • Short sentences and paragraphs
  • Images
  • Bullet points
  • Links to other pages on your site


Arouse your readers with copy that’s easily consumable. Over 50% of visitors spend only 15 seconds on a site. Not good enough. You want your site to sizzle!

3) Glam it Up

All that glitters is gold, and quality copy sparkles! Real Estate prospects want to work with professionals, and sexy is all about getting it right. A blog filled with grammatical errors or typos is a turn-off. In terms of hot, mistakes are not.


Once it’s written, read it as if you were a potential buyer. Does it say what you meant to say? Is it fun, informative, engaging and creative? The process takes a little time, but anticipation is sexy too. The whole point of your Point2 Blog is to increase sales, and sub-par copy is more off-putting than provocative.

Searing Hot Sites and Boiling Point2 Blogs

If you’re ready to ramp up your Cyber Success to a whole new level of heat, then you’re ready to let us help. Your Point2 WordPress blog is the surest way to attract and engage visitors, to make your brand the hottest in the market and to make your site sell. Why settle for tepid when steamy is so much better? Contact us today!