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Social Media Marketing Magic

Ok, so it may not really be magic, but the results you can achieve by embracing the world of social media can be absolutely amazing when the right strategies are implemented. If you want to be a top producer you should be using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to connect to the public, build a community of prospective buyers and sellers, improve your name recognition and increase your competitive edge as a real estate professional.

Focus on Facebook

It’s a fact that 80% of real estate professionals are using Facebook to market their businesses and their properties?  This social media platform is considered the most effective and affordable marketing avenue for your industry. Here are seven important ways we can help you use the power of Facebook to boost your business success and generate more listings and sales.

  • Initiate consistent conversation
  • Keep the content fresh
  • Update all important settings
  • Target your specific audience
  • Refresh your message and photos
  • Integrate social into all your marketing
  • Maximize your ad boosting budget