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Listings 101

Make Your Bed Video

Admiral William McRaven started off his 2014 University of Texas at Austin commencement speech with this idea: If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.


And here in Cyber Kazoo Land we believe: If you want to change your website world, start off by loving your listings.


We have 100’s of clients all of the world and for the most part have given their websites similar structure. So why do some sites soar and while others sink? Well… there are a lot of reasons, in fact probably enough to create another blog.


However the most basic reason is also one of the simplest - Listings!

Without good listing photos and information it is much harder to get traffic to your site and Google to give you more than a passing glance.


If you want your website to work, start out by paying attention to how your listings are entered. It’s an easy thing to do (if you know how), yet many agents speed through the process with a minimum amount of effort and attention.


So please, if you want to win on the world wide web take the time to check out the written instructions and give your listings the love they deserve!