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Got Questions? We've Got Answers

Why use Point2? Is Point2 CRM friendly? Our Point2 FAQ page provides insights on all of our most common questions about the platform. Simply click your question to expand the view and view an answer.


+ Why use Point2? - Why use Point2?


Point2 offers technology and resources that make it easier to get exposure for your own listings, and get credit for bringing exposure to the listings of other agents. This allows Point2 agents to attract more attention, which results in more interest and more sales. Point2 technology is similar to MLS systems, and is available in markets that do not have a developed MLS presence. Point2 provides listing syndication, client communications, drip mail, built-in inbound links and SEO all designed to make your website management simple.
+ Is Point2 CRM friendly? - Is Point2 CRM friendly?


Point2 has their own, built in CRM tool. It does not automatically link to any other CRM tools, however depending on how tech savvy you are, you may be able to find a work around. If you are already familiar with your own CRM tool, you may prefer to continue working with that solution. If not, the Point2 CRM toll may be sufficient for your lead management needs. As a company, we prefer to use Highrise and export our leads from Point2 to there.
+ Can I link my Point2 site to my rentals site? - Can I link my Point2 site to my rentals site?


In short, yes. Linking from one credible site to another is a good way to boost organic SEO. There are a couple of good ways to do this, such as creating a page announcing your other page and what people can expect to find there. You might also include a screenshot of the page you are linking to. This will allow people to make an informed decision as to whether they want to leave one site for another.

However, there are also some wrong ways to do this. It is important not to use a blind redirect, which means to redirect people without them knowing they are being sent to another site. Not only will this most likely result in a penalty from search engines like Google, it will also increase your bounce rate on the target site.
+ Who owns my Point2 site? Can I make changes? - Who owns my Point2 site? Can I make changes?


Whether your site is built by CyberKazoo, another company or yourself, if you own the Point2 account, and the domain (Example -, then you own the site. This means that you can make changes yourself, or work with other companies to continue your progress. However, it is important to remember that like other websites, Point2 and CyberKazoo use proprietary code as well as traditional HTML, CSS and Java, etc.. so in order to make changes you would need someone familiar with these languages to make professional changes.
+ Can I add documents, such as annual reports, to my Point2 website? - Can I add documents, such as annual reports, to my Point2 website?


Yes. You would just need a dedicated page for this kind of information. Pages can be public or hidden, if you want to keep them private. Depending on the kind of information you want to share, and how visible you want it to be, you may consider adding content, links, a menu reference or even a traffic driver button to promote this page.
+ Can a Point2 site use MLS/ IDX and automatically allow people to search the MLS via my site? - Can a Point2 site use MLS/ IDX and automatically allow people to search the MLS via my site?


Depending on your area, your Point2 site may or may not be compatible with your local MLS. Wolfnet is one of the most popular tools that does work well with Point2. Flex MLS is another good example. In this case, creating an MLS page is as simple as creating a Point2 listings page. We have many clients that have experienced success using either strategy.

If you use an MLS provider other than Wolfnet or FlexMLS, we would need to verify compatibility. We would also need to look take a look at the code to see how complex it is to setup. Depending on complexity, there may be additional charges.
+ What are some Point2 best practices? - What are some Point2 best practices?


There are several widgets and tools that are offered by Point2. Some of these are going to be more or less effective based on your local market. For example, if Point2Homes has a strong presence in your local market, it is good to use their featured listings and featured agent feature, which will help promote you and your chosen listings on the Point2Homes site. This will drive more referral traffic to your site and increase your overall leads each month. If Point2Homes does not have a strong presence in your local market we do not recommend this feature. There are also some default pages like the Home Evaluator and the Mortgage Calculator that don't exactly live up to their name, but do help bring in more leads and contact information.

Most of the other best practices are not specific to Point2 sites. SEO is important on any real estate website, as are trust elements like agent photos and testimonials. It is also important to provide a variety of pages that allow users to search by area, by price or by type (homes, condos, beachfront, etc..).