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Mobile Real Estate Matters!

More than half of all web traffic today originates from a phone. If you are serious about your real estate business you must invest in mobile optimization or be ready to lose sales. The simple fact is that the desktop version of your website might be fantastic, but if it is not mobile ready it will be very difficult for potential customers to view your information properly on any cell phone. Make sure your mobile real estate site shines. Here’s how:

  • Make it easy to reach you with one touch
  • Save everyone time with navigation buttons
  • Encourage new inquiries by promoting tools

It is really quite simple and economical to make your mobile real estate site ready so the public can find you on any cellular device. If you are already working with Point2, or have worked with us in the past, then you’re already half way there. Let’s work together to make that happen. Contact Us today.

Real Estate Mobile Mistakes

It’s a fact that we live on our cell phones. Busy home buyers want immediate answers about your properties while they are on the go. They may call a competitor. Don't make these common real estate mobile mistakes:

  • Your website is not easily readable on a mobile device
  • The screen must be enlarged or side scrolled to view your content
  • If a phone number must be manually dialed instead of just pressed to call you. Contacting you by email should be just as easy.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

When 90% of homebuyers are using the internet to find homes and a friendly Real Estate professional to show those homes, you’d better be accessible from their mobile device anywhere and anytime.

If 94% of people with Smartphones are using them to search for local information and your listings and contact numbers are not mobile friendly, you could be losing out on the biggest sale of your career.

Not sure you are mobile available to your next big client? Use this link to test your site


Google Webmmaster Tools


Get in the game by upgrading your website and improving your real estate mobile game. Your bank account will thank you.

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